«The search for new forms of expression in spaces and architecture. My current line of work is based on the modification of shots, exploring and changing the structures and their perspectives. My tools are my intuition and my imagination. It is like speculation, which based on the knowledge of what is real, shows us new and original scenarios»

Jesús Chamizo, known as “The Architect of Images”, is seduced by spaces. He interprets the feelings they suggest in him, with a particular and personal gaze. He plays with the architectural shapes, the lights and colours, always looking for the “Soul” of what he observes.

He has won numerous international awards, both with his commercial and artistic work: Sol, Cannes, Fiap, Epica, Lux, New York Festival, IPA, ND Awards, Pano Awards, among others. He has also participated in National and International exhibitions in Chicago, New York, Madrid, Brussels, etc.


4 / Two Gold Medals and Two Silver / IPA LATIN AWARDS 2018 with «Glass Memories» and «Geometrical»
1 Gold / Best Architecture Photographer / IPA LATIN AWARDS 2018
1 Bronze / International Architecture Total / IPA Awards 2018, «Geometrical»
1 Bronze / Architecture ND Awards 2018, with «Glass Memories»
3 Bronze Medals / PANO AWARDS 2018. Open «Transiting «, «Geiser Tatio» and «Buidreams 7»
3 / One Gold and Two Silver / PANO AWARDS 2019, «Open Geometrical 3» and «Glass Memories 6»
3 Honourable Mentions / POLLUX 2018, ND AWARDS 2019, TIFA AWARDS 2019 with «Glass Memories», «Geometrical» and «Theaters 1»
1 Silver Medal / IPA AWARDS 2019 with «Theaters 1»


LF MAGAZINE / Portfolio-Art Series
Magazine DISEÑO INTERIOR / Exhibitions and Interview
PRAGMATIKA MAGAZINE / Interview, Architecture
Magazine «Ronda Iberia» and «Air Europa» / Theaters
XL SEMANAL / Special Destinations
Teatro de la Zarzuela


Madrid / Financial Club Génova-Wecollect Club, “Series” Chicago / Architecture Bienal / Cervantes Institute / “Palacio Tribute” New York / Cervantes Institute / “Palacio Tribute”

Madrid / Open Art-Casadecor, “Series”
Mallorca-Porto Pi / Flecha Gallery, “Series”
Madrid / Ror-Gallery, “Series”

Madrid / One Shot Hotels by Nagare Art Projects, “Series”
Madrid / PHOTOESPAÑA 2019 in Kreisler Gallery “Construyendo Imágenes”
Brussels / Noon Consulting Art-Gallery “Imagined Arquitecture”

Brussels / Mhaata Gallery, “Imagined Arquitecture”
Madrid / ART-MADRID Fair, “Series”
Madrid / PHOTOESPAÑA 2020 in Poko Espacio Gallery, “A Escena / Theaters”