«I like to place these art images in the spaces of daily life or exhibitions, to generate an immediate impact that inspires to break away in an intimate seduction that induces to dream»

Kantfish, Emanuele Giusto, is an Italian visual artist who works with images, videos, films and writing. He observes reality by questioning everything. For him, reality does not exist without an observer. In his artworks the “real” becomes something inspiring “more than real”.

He has directed and produced short and feature-length documentary films. He has published in the main media of Italy, Spain, UK, Portugal and USA. 

He directs and produces videos for various brands and international institutions.

His images are distributed and sold internationally. Kantfish shows in his catalogue his reporter soul and the experiences he has lived in different countries, leading us to situations in which the real turns into More Than Real. The images, very aesthetic, trigger seducing and deeply inspiring dreams.


His images have been published by the main media of Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, USA and Portugal like L’Espresso, XL Semanal, El País Semanal, Rolling Stone, Il Messagero, Foreign Policy, Guardian, Exame.

He has published a book with the important Italian editorial Feltrinelli and in Spain with Lunwerg-Grupo Planeta.

His images have been exhibited as Finalist in the International Award of Plastic Art “Obra Abierta – Caja Extremadura”. At the National Gallery of Bangalore, India, Paraisurural Asturias, Círculo de Bellas Artes Madrid, solo exhibition at Madrid Design Festival OFF 2019,etc.

His photographs have been distributed by the Agencies Contacto (Spain and South America), Notimex (México), AP Associated Press (Spain).


2010 – Far West Luanda (El País, L’Espresso)

2012-14 – World Water Day Official Video Animations FAO United Nations (8 languages) – West Bengal and Tanzania Projects

23 International Festivals and 1 Audience Award with:

2012 – Chaos Videoart
2013 – Nobody Like Athens, documentary short film
2014 – ALMAmATER, non-fiction short film
2015-20 – Videos Sky, DIAGEO, Huawei…
2020 – The Sweet Taste Of Success – documentary feature film (with Rossy De Palma, Fernando Savater, Plácido Domingo, Alberto García-Alix, Mathieu Ricard, Martin Seligman…)