«Visual excellence and emotion for a demanding branding. Our images are made to last. They are a symbol of exclusivity, unique in emotion, effectiveness and impact»

LEG UP is more than just a name. It is a philosophy, a constant search for excellence, a willingness to explore, to share the knowledge and thus build a better world.

We are committed to working with people or organizations that truly believe there is no such challenge that wisdom, creativity, determination and human skills cannot beat.

We believe in the unlimited human potential in evolution, in exceeding the limits with a long-term perspective.

We believe in the power of images to convey values, traditions, enthusiasm. Each one of the images by LEG UP has a story to tell.

LEG UP is born in Madrid. It has an Italian soul, a Spanish essence and it is part of a future-looking project in which people are its most important value. We represent tradition and innovation, combining the very latest technology with the most artisan human solutions in a multicultural context.

LEG UP visual artists have been awarded in international contests and festivals across three continents. Their photographs and videos have been published by the main media in various countries.

«Our goal is translating the essence in emotions thus guaranteeing the complete satisfaction of our customers»